Real Estate Unlimited

Mission Statement

To professionally help buyers buy, sellers sell, investors invest and agents succeed.

Company History

Our firm was founded in Louisville, KY on Sept. 1, 1999, as a virtual company and an alternative to RE/MAX. We started small, in one room of Fran’s condo. Today, while our official location is 412 E. Court Avenue in Jeffersonville, we really have a virtual office.

Because of our strong belief in service, integrity and a 'can-do' attitude toward the real estate business, our company has quickly prospered and grown.

Our broker was born in Louisville, KY on September 29, 1951, while her family was living in Jeffersonville. They moved to Louisville in 1963. She attended Sacred Heart Academy and Eastern High School in Louisville, graduating in 1969.

She married John McGinnis, an auctioneer, on January 1, 2001. They moved to Jeffersonville in 2003. Fran has two daughters, Elaine and Julie, and three grandchildren, Pierce, Kelsi and Malori.

Fran was licensed as a real estate salesperson in 1978 and became a real estate broker in 1986. She is licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana and a registered HUD broker in both states. She has extensive training and experience in real estate office management through Prudential and RE/MAX.

Back in 1978, all the resources for real estate agents were available only at their offices. In the 80’s, computers began to appear in homes and the real estate industry adapted by allowing MLS downloads. By the 90’s, the MLS became accessible on the World Wide Web or Internet, and real estate office space became less and less necessary.

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