Hear What Our Agents Have to Say About Working with Real Estate Unlimited

Shari Ramser -What attracted me to Real Estate Unlimited was the knowledge and experience of my broker and broker associate.  Broker support has always been my number one importance.  I also like having freedom  of  not having mandatory meetings every week but have office staff to assist when needed.    Fran is always available to assist with a business plan for all agents to help everyone be successful!    The commission split, no fees and agent  referral bonus is also a strong reason I joined.  I like having

more money from my commissions.  !!    It is a "win win"  partnership!

Kim Christensen - Many realtors work countless hours and we need to be available at all times for our clients.Sometimes we need that same support as well and Real Estate unlimited definitely provides that element.Fran and her great staff are always right there willing to assist in anyway and it's obvious they genuinely care about your personal success.In this profession we make many decisions and the best one i have ever made was joining Real estate Unlimited and I realize that every time I walk out of a closing.

Dave Huber - Leadership, professionalism, experience, and family….are some of the reasons why I chose Real Estate Unlimited with whom to affiliate. I have been a Realtor for sixteen years and have a broad choice of Brokers with whom to work. Fran Evola and her Real Estate Unlimited team, in my opinion, stand heads above the rest. From industry-leading compensation plans, to 24/7 assistance when you need it, this is home for me; it’s like working for a family, not a company. I like that.

Connie Eckles - I switched to Real Estate Unlimited because they offered everything I needed in the way of support without fees and/or taking a large percentage of my commission. Even the supplemental items such as E&O insurance and e-signature programs were more affordable with the same coverage.

We’re a virtual office with an actual office! There are no desk or technology fees, but yet there is an office available for meeting clients if needed. While REU caters to the experienced agents, there is still someone readily available to assist in strategy and/or matters of compliance.

Let’s be honest, in today’s world of technology, once you’ve been trained and have been around the block a time or two, why pay for the same training over and over again, along with desk fees, inflated insurance premiums and technology fees and then give up a large chunk of your commission?

If you’re an agent with experience and have your own sphere of contacts, you really should take a look at our company!

Laurie Huelsman - I joined real estate unlimited because when I walked into their office and spoke with Fran and Julie I got a good feeling in my heart that it was where I belonged. I had went to several places to decide and this was the only place that felt like family. I’ve been with real estate unlimited for over 5 years and I’m very happy. They are always there to answer my questions and very helpful. Thank you for all you do and have done for me!

Marilyn Belak - I have been with Real Estate Unlimited for 4 years and never been happier in my real estate career. I was not happy where I was before because of lack of support and other problems. Since I've been with Fran she has never let me down. She answers her phone and always has time for me. Going into an office has always been a pain for me so having a virtual office has been awesome. Now when it's raining or snowing, etc, I can work comfortably from home. All it took was buying a printer/scanner combo which wasn't expensive at all. Fran furnishes signs as well. Being with Real Estate Unlimited has been a joy! And P.S did I mention that when you have a closing you get paid immediately? That's a plus as well!????

Elizabeth Hausman - Fran and Julie are ALWAYS available to help, answer questions, ... SO unlike other brokers I've worked with!  Their integrity and directness are priceless.. they truly go that extra mile for their agents, and their clients. I'm proud and pleased to be a member of REU.

Buzz Pumphrey - I have been a Realtor since 1977 and during this time I have had the honor of working with some of the best professionals in Louisville. Since joining Real Estate Unlimited, I have found a company that has grown and pulled me along  with  it to heights I never imagined.  The potential of this company is truly unlimited in that we surpass the milestones that most agents encounter in their careers. We will continue to grow and I can truly say this is the best company I've worked for and probably the last company I will work for because it's just that good!!  Sincerly Cornelius R. Pumphrey

Cindy Bryant - Real Estate Unlimited is the best real estate company I have ever worked at, and I've worked at most of them in my 16 year career.  I love getting paid 90% of every commission check and it's ready for me to pick up the same day as the closing.  Whenever I have a question, I always get a quick response.  If you try it, you will really like it.

Angie Kleitz - Since I have been at REU I have had my best year ever!  Not sure if it was just time for a change or the freedom to work and not just follow meeting after meeting. The office staff/Owner/Broker/Co-Broker (Fran and Julie) are amazing!  They are there for you at any given time to lend a helping hand or a word of advice.  I couldn't have made a better decision than to join this group of Realtors!

Mike Haag - REU is an awesome place to put your license especially if you sell in both Indiana and Kentucky. The support is great and Fran and Julie are awesome to work with. If you are looking for a great place to place your license...this is the place!!

Debby Newman - REU is a business/agency where the agent's best interest is in first place. Very knowledgeable support allows the agents to grow at their own pace and every closing pays a generous percentage.

Sherran McDonough - Always positive and always approachable!

Carol Seay - REU provides precise real estate expertise to its agents which allows us to better serve our clients.

Adam Forseth - Fran and Julie are great to work with. They are always available for support when I need it, and you can't beat the commission split!

Christy Hendon - No fuss, no muss and I take home the money!

Syed Ahmad - I previously worked for a major broker in the Louisville area.  While they took great advantage of their vast presence in the Louisville market and provided great training, they lacked the close one-to-one relationship with their agents. I have found this with REU.  Both Fran and Julie work very hard to create a family atmosphere in their brokerage.  They are great mentors and take personal interest in their agents' success.  Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the great commission split that REU provides their agents!

Beth Stutsman - I love working at REU.  Fran and Julie are great to work with and they really care about helping their agents to succeed!

John Stanley - After spending time with both KW and Re/Max, it became obvious to me that the burden of monthly dues and not-so-generous commission splits was causing me too much stress.  As a newer agent, trying to build a real estate business organically, I needed all of the financial advantages I could get my hands on.  The generous commission splits, and no monthly fees, made my decision to join REU a "no-brainer". 

Julie Dulaney - Our agents are an extension of my family!

Marilyn Belak - I have been a realtor for 25 years. I was with RE/MAX for several years then a smaller company for 14 years.  Real Estate Unlimited is where I am now and I cannot be happier! My virtual office is in my home so when I need to scan, fax, etc it is very easy to do. Fran Evola and Julie could not be more helpful!
The commission split of 10% is awesome and there are no other fees on top of that! Signs are provided!  I can order my cards, etc from anyplace and use any design I want! When I have a closing I email a copy of the HUD then Julie mails my check and deposit slip to me.  I go to the closing, stop by and deposit the company check and get paid immediately.  No going to the office then waiting days to get paid!
I recommend Real Estate Unlimited to all realtors and intend to stay with them as long as I sell real estate!  
Thanks Julie and Fran for all you do!  
Buzz Pumphrey - For those anticipating a move, for those looking for a GREAT GREAT firm to work for, I must say REU is the best firm I've been associated with since my start in October 1977.  Not only is the staff Great, but the commissions and the investment possibilities outweigh most companies in the Kentuckiana area..  If I had to do it all over or if I was a agent looking to grow, I would plant my career in the fertile soil of REU...Sincerely & Thanks Fran, Julie & John for " ALL" you do!!!!!!

Debby Kaufman - In May 2015 I moved my license with Real Estate Unlimited. The real estate industry continues to change and I like the virtual office experience with Real Estate Unlimited. Today most all agents have all the tools at home to run their business. My broker has been wonderful and recently had suggestions for updating my web site. The change has been a good fit for me.

Prior to joining Real Estate unlimited, I spent 16 with associated with Re/Max. where I found excellent training and have many good friends.

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