A Great Agent can offer to list or auction your home!

You might not think of auctioning your home, but a Great Agent who can do both listings and auctions might recognize that an auction might net more money from the sale of your home.

Some people think auctions are just for distressed properties but actually those are the ones that won’t work out.  There’s usually no equity and the seller is not in a position to guarantee the mortgage.

We find that auctions are great for in-demand properties.  We are back to a market where we are seeing multiple offers.  Those houses could have brought more if they had been auctioned.  Some sellers tell us they have a list of people who want their home if they ever decide to sell.  They should auction their properties.

And there are estates, sometimes of hoarders, where the executors live out of town or are overwhelmed by the amount of personal property they must deal with.  A Great Agent can help with options such as an estate sale or an online only auction of the antiques and collectibles. Consider all the options before making a decision.  You will be a more informed seller.Glyphicon

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