A Great Agent isn’t satisfied with just taking pictures.

Modern KitchenGreat Agents spend the extra time and effort to take great photos.  It takes more time but it’s worth it to make the property look its best. 

When a Great Agent takes marketing photos of your house, you won’t see dirty dishes in the sink, items all over the countertops, the commode lid open, the beds unmade, pictures on the wall crooked, clothing hanging on chairs, the pet sleeping on the sofa, objectionable posters in the bedrooms, toys all over the living room or bikes lying in the yard.

Some agents hire companies to do virtual tours, while a Great Agent takes their own virtual tour photos so there is control over what gets shown and what doesn’t get shown.  There is consideration given to lighting and angles and framing the best shots.

If you want a good laugh, just look at some of the marketing photos online.  Some make you dizzy because they use a fish eye lens or take panoramic photos.  Some are fuzzy.  Some show the house to be a mess.  Wouldn’t that seller be better off without the photos, or better yet with a Great Agent?

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