Affiliated Business Agreements

Watch out for agents that want you to sign an Affilaited Business agreement list or any such disclosure.  What does this mean to you?  This should tip you off that you are working with a company that gets paid or benefits from you using a specific company or service.  This means the agent is more likely to refer you to a title company, lender, warranty company, etc. that they have a business relationship with.

Why is this bad?  Your agent should be free to look out for you, not the company they are affilaited with.  They should have the freedon to call around and get the best prices for you or research the best warrranty company for your needs.  Affiliated businesses produce the opportunity for a conflict of interest.

At Real Estate Unlimited, we have no such allegiances.  We work in your best interest, not ours.  The agents with our company are free to recommend any company they think with be good for you.  We get no kick-backs from anyone.  Don't you prefer for your agent to be looking out for you?

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