Awakening My Creative Side

Art Creativity

I really can’t draw stick people well, so I have always thought that I wasn’t artistic. That notion changed years ago when I took part in a weekend seminar, working with children in Baha’i children’s classes.  At the very beginning of the seminar, each of us found a chunk of colored beeswax at our place, along with other materials.  We were instructed to make something out of the beeswax.  Thoughts immediately started running through my head:  “I’m not artistic.” “I’m not creative.”  “I don’t know how.”  “I can’t do that.” My fear of being laughed at welled up inside me.

The facilitator further instructed us to hold the beeswax in our hands since it was cold.  She said it would soften up in a few minutes.  I did that part okay. 

Others started making things out of their beeswax, but my mind was a blank.  The “I can’ts” were very strong. I just kept warming.  As I warmed the beeswax, I began to roll it between my palms and it became a ball.  It was purple so I announced I had made a grape.  Well, I thought it was funny, but everyone else was too intent on their creations to notice mine.  So I rolled it between my palms some more until I was a long pencil shape and then I announced it was a snake.  Next I coiled the long piece and magically, the snake morphed into a snail, and I was off and running.

The beeswax figure sat there with me the entire weekend calling to me, forcing me to make it into something else.  By the end of the weekend seminar, my chunk of cold purple beeswax had become a beautiful, delicate tropical fish.

Occasionally, I run into other participants in that wonderful weekend seminar and they tease me about thinking I wasn’t creative.  That weekend not only awakened my creative side, it also taught me the value of assisting others in getting in touch with their unknown abilities.  I now conduct art classes for friends who want to try painting.  They usually start out by telling me they can’t paint.  Really? Well let’s just see about that!

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