Fleeting Memories

Fleeting Memories

Memories are our connection to the past.  If we lose our memory, we are forced to live in the present.

I've watched my 97 year old mother lose pieces of her memory, a little at a time.  She's never really been good at remembering the details like dates, times, places, names, etc., but she did enjoy talking about the past in random segments, like episodes of a sitcom that can be viewed in any order.

Now she lives mostly in the present, from meal to meal, activity to activity.  She still knows all her family members and loves us but has little connection with our daily lives.  She's very content; she no longer cares if her shoes and purse don't match, and she rarely bothers to put on jewelry.  Attachment to material items has waned; she no longer recognizes the furniture she's had for most of her life when she comes to visit my home.  Now she just has fleeting memories of times past.  Occasionally good memories pop into her head.  She doesn't dwell on any negatives or losses.

Her life is so simple now.  What she appreciates are the important things in life: smiles, hugs, clouds, sunshine, Fall colors, flowers, birds, a cushioned chair, a helping hand, good food prepared by others, music, laughter and just pure fun.  She appreciates not having to cook, clean, launder, make beds, vacuum or take care of anything.

She worked long and hard in the past to be able to enjoy these golden years of living in the present.

Mother's 97th Birthday

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