Forget Everything You Knew About Real Estate! It’s All Changed!

From the older seller’s viewpoint, imagine how different things are today than they were even 20 years ago.  The seller now has to be concerned with so many issues that weren’t in play 20 years ago.  We have radon, the odorless, colorless gas.  Try to convince a seller why they have to mitigate something they cannot see.  There might be lead-based paint in the home they have lived in for many years without a problem.  Their children are fine so they wonder why another family would be concerned. Mold has become such an ominous organism, but have always had mold.  There is probably not a house in our area without mold, but buyers now hire inspectors to search for such organisms.  Electromagnetic fields are now an issue.  Those big power lines on the easement that gave the seller’s children such a great place to play, now loom over the yard like a monster in the eyes of the buyers.  The older seller has been very diligent in keeping things in working order, but the buyer wonders why things haven’t been updated.  Why replace a light fixture, carpet, toilet, appliances or windows that still work!?

From the younger buyers’ perspectives, they want a “green” energy-efficient home with low maintenance inside and out. They probably hate all carpeting and prefer nice hard floor, whether natural or not. They hate wallpaper and don’t want to spend their time upgrading or restoring houses.  They want their children to be able to play in a safely-enclosed yard; not to run the fields and play in the woods.  They want to live close to work and schools; not having to commute and waste gasoline driving back and forth. They probably both work. Their children are the center of their world. The house is just shelter.

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