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Time to Think

Travel time

We take in information, make decisions and solve problems all day.  One would think that we think every waking moment, and we do, but aren’t we just thinking on a surface level?  I think we need to take time out to think.  The thinking I’m thinking about now is much deeper. It’s about stepping back from daily routines and really concentrating.  For me this creative form of thinking takes place as I meditate or take time away from my normal routine.  It helps me to jot down my thoughts so I can think about the thoughts later and delve deeper or put my ideas to work.

I’m not smarter than others or more educated, but I may spend more time thinking and planning than most people. I’m not content just living day to day, week to week, month to month, season to season, year to year, until it’s over.

I mull over how I can live my life better, how I can run my company better, how I can embrace newer technologies, how I can be healthier, how I can be of benefit to others, what’s really important in life, what’s not really important, what it means to be a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend.

For me, seminars, retreats, meetings and travel bring out the creative part of me.  I better have paper and pen handy.  I love those “Ah-Hah!” moments.  Then it’s time to put thought into action until I get a chance to think some more.

Time to Think


Tea with Oscar

Oscar our very handsome cat

Oscar is our cat.  He’s black and white and very large for a cat. Cats are such creatures of habit and they manage to train humans to conform to their habits.

When I awake, I know Oscar is waiting for me. Oscar sleeps in the basement stairwell.  He closes the door himself and sleeps behind it so he can see through the glass in the door.  As I pass by the basement door, he gets up and reaches a paw around the edge of the door and pulls it open so he can join me.  Of course, he stretches, lies down and expects me to stoop down and rub his back and head. Then it’s okay with him for me to proceed to the kitchen. Oscar and I have tea together each morning. Actually, I have tea; Oscar has fresh water.

I take my cup of tea and sit down in the family room to catch up on the news and weather.  Oscar loves this part.  He jumps up on the arm of the chair next to me in his best imitation of a circus tiger pose, so he can get his back, head and tummy rubbed.  When he is content with the amount of attention, he gets comfortable on the ottoman and watches TV.  All is well in Oscar’s world.


From Sunset to Earthset


I love sunsets and have watched possibly thousands of them in my lifetime, but one evening I was early for an appointment so I was waiting in my car for a few minutes.  The car was parked in such a way that I had a great view of the setting sun.  It was one of those unobstructed views of a star; the huge red ball we call “the sun.”  Then it hit me – the sun doesn’t move so it couldn’t be setting!

The earth is spinning – we are ones moving.  When I concentrated on it, I could feel myself and the earth moving back away from the sun.  As the earth rotates, there’s an optical illusion that the sun is disappearing over the horizon.  In reality, my location on the earth is moving around, or rising up, hence, “Earthrise” or “Earthset” might be a more correct term.

I wonder what else we accept that can’t possibly be true?