Past, Present, or Future Thinking

I’ve known people who live in past. They talk about what they’ve done, where they’ve been, who they’ve met and on and on.  That can be pretty boring to other folks.

Some just focus on the present.  They are influenced by the past but choose to concentrate only on today; what’s before them right then; the people with them right now; like nothing else matters.  The danger lies in wasting their lives being in the moment with little or no direction.  Each moment can be enjoyed but little may get accomplished before life is over.

I prefer to think about what I’ve learned and how it does or can impact my life today and in the future.  The past is important and I certainly don’t want to repeat past mistakes but I can’t change the past.  I can only live in the present but what I do today needs to have a positive effect on my life, the lives of those I love, my clients and friends, and those I don’t even know. 

As I think about those who have had a positive influence on me, I remember a teacher who had confidence in my abilities, a boss who taught me how to not be a procrastinator, a counselor who always made me be accountable and not blame others, and my mentors in the Baha’i Faith that showed me a wonderful vision of the future.  The change is happening now, little by little, all over the world, by ordinary people thinking extraordinary thoughts and doing the little things they can to change themselves, have a positive influence on those around them, and thereby change the future. 

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