From Sunset to Earthset


I love sunsets and have watched possibly thousands of them in my lifetime, but one evening I was early for an appointment so I was waiting in my car for a few minutes.  The car was parked in such a way that I had a great view of the setting sun.  It was one of those unobstructed views of a star; the huge red ball we call “the sun.”  Then it hit me – the sun doesn’t move so it couldn’t be setting!

The earth is spinning – we are ones moving.  When I concentrated on it, I could feel myself and the earth moving back away from the sun.  As the earth rotates, there’s an optical illusion that the sun is disappearing over the horizon.  In reality, my location on the earth is moving around, or rising up, hence, “Earthrise” or “Earthset” might be a more correct term.

I wonder what else we accept that can’t possibly be true?

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