What I Learned From My Father

What I Learned from My Father


My father was of German descent but was born here in the year 1900. Those who knew him would say he had a great work ethic, but it went much further than just at work. He derived great pleasure from doing a great job as a Police Reporter for the Courier-Journal newspaper, being punctual, thorough, loyal and dedicated.  

But work was about more than just making a living. He was a planner. He put his money to work for the future of his family. He didn’t procrastinate about doing what needed to be done.  He enjoyed his free time and planned wonderful family vacations for us almost every year. I think he may have enjoyed the planning almost as much as the trip. Then he took great photos so we could always revisit the great memories.

Finding that balance between being responsible with money yet using some of it to enjoy what this great world has to offer, is what we try to do. As we set out our goals for the upcoming year, we set aside time to enjoy this country. You won’t run into us at fancy restaurants, formal affairs, expensive stores, or driving vehicles not paid for. But when we travel, I make sure that I take great photos and journal about the trip, so as we age, we will be able to recall the details and relive the memories, in memory of my father, Ed Merkel.

Ed Merkel

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